Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Table Lamp Designs with Artistic Touch

Table lamps are considered as something that only rich people have on their bed side table. It is considered as a sign of luxury. Most of us know about the table lamps that look like a reverse bucket placed on a steel rod. But today there are a variety of designs available in market that most of you must not have seen. So we have collected these fascinating designs of table lamps with some artistic touch in them. These are not just lights to illuminate your room but an incredible item to improve the beauty of room.

Table Lamp Designs with Artistic Touch

Some of these table lamps must have made you greedy to get one. Some of you might have got some DIY idea to build these artistic models themselves. Everything is not necessary to be purchased, some can be a product of your imagination and creativity. If you are not so creative then either go to market to find one or search for them online. 
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InHouse Swimming Pools with a sense of Luxury!

Swimming Pool inside a home is the most luxurious item one can have in his home. Here are a few that will make you desire one in your dream home.

Personal Home Theater in Luxury Homes - Media Rooms

Personal Home Theater or a  Media Room in your home can help you in making it more luxurious. Not everybody have a desire to do that unless you are fond of watch movies at home and spending some quality time with your family. Designing a good personal theater no just requires a large LED TV and speakers but some good sitting arrangement to sit with comfort for hours. Some people develop their living room as a personal home theater as they can't afford to make a separate one, which is also a good idea. The images provided here will help you in designing such room.

Personal Home Theater in Luxury Homes

As you can see in above images that apart from elevated sitting arrangement (like theaters) one may prefer to develop his living room or bed room as home theater. Some people prefer projectors in home theater while some prefer large LED TV, some like to sit while some like to be more restful, so me prefer speakers in TV itself, while some have developed taste for Dolby surround sound. Those who can afford can also buy recliners for more comfortable theater experience.
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Monday, December 17, 2018

Luxury Car Garage : Parking Space in High Tech Homes

Every car owner desire to have a good parking space, but once you watch the parking garage of some luxury car owners then you might feel a bit inferior. Luxury car garage are nothing then a good bedroom for car. Such garages are high-tech with all basic facilities to clean your car at home and some of them have even got some of the best security features. If you are a high tech guy and love to implement technology in everyday life then some of the garages presented on this page are meant for you. But not everybody can afford to get a garage like these.

Luxury Car Garage

Such garages definitely occupy a lot of space and use of good architecture with some machines like car-lifts. But the owners of luxury cars can definitely afford to do that. In some cases the car-garage is a part of house and improves the beauty of living room with a glass wall between living room and garage. Vacuum cleaners, car washing accessories and some basic tools in the garage with some spare wheels increases the usability of garage.
If you want to make such garage for your car then better plan it in advance while making your dream home. After all cars are most loved accessories of modern world and it is better to park it inside a luxurious garage.
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Sunday, December 16, 2018

Luxurious Living Room Designs Decoration and Ideas

Living Room is a place where you spend most of your time in your home while you are not asleep. Giving it a good look and decoration can make it worth spending your precious time. Chandeliers, paintings, wall arts and good looking seating arrangement with a good table can make it look different from others. A luxurious living room can change the perception of complete house. We have collected some samples of some nice looking living rooms to make you rethink about your living room design.

Luxurious Living Room Designs

The images of some luxury living rooms provided above prove a number of ideas such as design and arrangement of sofa, designs on wall, location of LED TV, designs of chandelier, side lamps, tables, carpets, curtains, designs on ceiling and the lighting in the room. One may utilize these ideas to design his/her own living room to match your lifestyle.
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Best Beds for Kids - Futuristic Designs

A separate room for kids with a good bed is something that every loving parent would desire. Here we have collected some images of best beds for kids, which would increase your desire many-fold. These beds for kids take a lot of aspects into consideration, such as a cozy sleeping space and some storage for books and toys. Some futuristic designs also contain some study space for those kids who like to study in bed.

Best Beds for Kids

Some of these kid's bed design utilizes space to it fullest and provides storage space under the bed while some are meant for large space. Some are the designs provide complete idea to design your kids room. While some designs provide sleeping space for one kid only, there are some designs where two or three kids can also accommodate. Study table and storage concepts are are a part of some bed designs.

There are some kids bed available in the market with cartoon themes, but such beds are not meant to be used after a few years. But the bed designs shown above can even be used by teenagers.
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