Monday, December 24, 2018

Home Cleaning Devices - Gadgets to Clean High-Tech Homes

Home cleaning is a tough job, especially if you are living in a high-tech home with sophisticated things. You can't always rely on a human being to appropriately clean your home with perfection and not damaging your precious things, especially when you are not around. In such case you can rely on some of the advanced Home Cleaning Gadgets which are designed to clean high-tech homes without doing any mistake. The best thing about these devices is that they can be programmed to clean your home as per your convenience and you don't need to wait for anybody to get the cleaning done.

Home Cleaning Devices - Gadgets to Clean High-Tech Homes

iRobot Brava Jet 240 : This wet moper can do mopping of the floor on its own. It can do wet mopping, dry sweeping and damp sweeping.

iRobot Roomba 690 : This one is the best vacuum robots available in the market. It supports three stage cleaning and responds to voice commands through Alexa or Google voice assistant.

Litter-Robot III : If you are a cat owner and find it unpleasant to deal with cat's litter then this is perfect thing for you. Just a little training and you won't need to further deal with such mess anymore.

BrilliantPad Self-Cleaning : This gadget is made with dog owners in mind. Once trained you no longer need to worry about dog potty. This gadget will put dog potty in a builtin container which can emptied at your convinience.

Air Purifiers: These are the best gadgets that can be found installed in a home to breath pure air free from any impurity or allergens. A number of air purifiers are available in the market with different dimensions depending on your usage.

Alfawise S60 Window Cleaner: This window cleaning robot is must for a luxurious home with large windows. Cleaning windows manually is a tough task and sometimes risky as well. Thos window cleaner robot can be controlled by remote and it can clean large glass windows very conveniently.

iRobot Mira Pool Cleaning Robot: This pool cleaning robot is must if you have got a pool in your home. After putting in inside your pool, you no longer need to clean the leaves, dust and other garbage inside your. It is a great time saves as it is fully automatic and even cleans the bottom of pool perfectly.

Tetra Connected Countertop Dishwasher : This dishwasher is must for a small family of 2 or 3, especially when you can't install the bulky dishwasher in your home. It can be placed on countertop, as its name suggests.

These gadgets are must in a luxury home and keeping them can even give you normal home feel of a luxurious home. Please do tell us if you like the list of cleaning gadgets collected by us.

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InHouse Swimming Pools with a sense of Luxury!

Swimming Pool inside a home is the most luxurious item one can have in his home. Here are a few that will make you desire one in your dream home.

Friday, December 21, 2018

Modern 3D Wall Stickers for Living Room

Full Wall Stickers are a modern inexpensive way to give your walls a luxurious look. Modern 3D Wall Stickers have made it even better. These stickers create an illusion of being in a larger space, so these stickers can even make a small room appear bigger. A number of 3D Wall Sticker designs are available online to decorate your living room or drawing room. Sometimes your creativity along with stickers can make it even better.

Some modern 3D wall stickers are provided on this page to show you how these stickers can transform your living room into something different.

Modern 3D Wall Stickers for Living Room

If you are using some greenery sticker then planting some real plants along the wall will enhance the look and it feel more real. Matching the sticker with theme of your room is necessary to give it a realistic look.
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Thursday, December 20, 2018

Luxury Homes with a touch of Nature (Natural Luxurious Residences)

Everybody desires to live in luxury home but very few have got a desire to keep it close to nature with some greenery or large garden around it. Even if one desires then some can't afford to purchase that much land, which can be ultimately developed as a natural luxurious residence. But still here on this page we have tried to bring information about some of the best luxury homes with a touch of nature. Some of you may get an idea for yourself from these homes if you are planning to develop your own home.

Aranya House / Modo designs

This house completed in 2013 is designed as single floor dwelling. It is surrounded by palm trees and have got a private garden which gives it a natural luxury home look. The linear arrangement of rooms give privacy to inhabitants.

Fresco House

In this user friendly natural luxury home, colors like brown, yellow and red are used to give it a warm look. This home in Cariló, Argentina is surrounded by forest which gives it a natural touch. Floor to ceiling windows keep it more connected to external environment and utilizes natural light.

Some of you might not consider these as natural luxury homes, they are made of concrete. But in modern world no luxury home can be fully made by wood, which is considered more close to nature. More gardens and greenery around your house can definitely give it a natural look along with keeping luxury inside your home safe and secure.

Some more natural looking interiors of some homes are provided below to give you ideas about some less popular natural homes.

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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

What is a Family Room in a House

People often get confused between Family Room, Living Room or a Drawing Room. Sometimes people use the term "Family Room" and "Living Room" as same, but most of them don't know that some large homes can have both. Here we will clear the confusion about Family Room and make you understand "What is a Family Room". We will also tell you how Family Room is different from living room or drawing room.

What is a Family Room ?

Definition of family room depends on your location. For example, in North America Family Room is a living room where complete family can sit and relax to spend quality time. In British culture, family room is a room in pub where kids are allowed in company of one or more adults. If we talk about a universally accepted definition of family room, then it is a living room which is more appropriate for kid, rather than adults. However complete family can relax in a family room along with kids, where they can engage in different types of activities meant for kids.

How Family Room is different from Living Room or Drawing Room ?

Big houses can have all three of them, but there are some minor differences between these three. As we have mentioned earlier that Family Room are more kids oriented. Similarly Living room are more adult oriented, with some comfortable sitting arrangement and a TV to watch TV shows together. Some people also place their dining table in living room or use the sofa sets for dining purpose. A drawing room is usually made to entertain guests, however in small houses living room is generally used as drawing room to welcome guests.

Living Room is generally near kitchen, while it is not true for Family Room or Drawing Room.

Sample Family Rooms

Sample Living Rooms

Sample Drawing Rooms

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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Table Lamp Designs with Artistic Touch

Table lamps are considered as something that only rich people have on their bed side table. It is considered as a sign of luxury. Most of us know about the table lamps that look like a reverse bucket placed on a steel rod. But today there are a variety of designs available in market that most of you must not have seen. So we have collected these fascinating designs of table lamps with some artistic touch in them. These are not just lights to illuminate your room but an incredible item to improve the beauty of room.

Table Lamp Designs with Artistic Touch

Some of these table lamps must have made you greedy to get one. Some of you might have got some DIY idea to build these artistic models themselves. Everything is not necessary to be purchased, some can be a product of your imagination and creativity. If you are not so creative then either go to market to find one or search for them online. 
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