Saturday, April 14, 2018

Luxury Car Features that will make you Dream It

Luxury Cars are often dreamed by a people like you (that's why you are here !), but what fascinates us are the features of these luxury cars that can make any person fall in love with them. These features are usually combination of latest technology and luxurious things that you can only dream in a luxury home. We will not make you wait to see those interesting features of luxury cars.

GPS-linked Temperature Control
This feature in Acura TL let the vehicle control the inside temperature with the help of the GPS talking to a satellite about the outside temperature of that area. It provides proper climate control, just like a science fiction futuristic automobile. This feature is available for years and functioning good.

Aston Martin Transponder WatchAston Martin Transponder Watch
This feature can make you get rid of ordinary car keys. This wrist watch is a complete car key to operate its locking system. Currently it is available as a $29,500 add-on with DB9 or Rapide. This feature is a feature of future cars, but those who use it today will definitely feel a generation ahead of others.

Mercedes S550 scent systemMercedes S550 scent system
If you are fan of scents then you will definitely like it. This scent system has got four glass vials of differnt scents to suit the need the user. You may set a timer and strength of a particular scent and your car will always smell according to your wish. You may refill the vial, even with your favorite aftershave.
Rolls Royce’s starlight roof
This feature is something special in Rolls Royce. It can give you feel of a special evening. The starlight roof is made with special fiber optic. You can even pay extra to set the stars as they were on a special day. It gives a perfect feeling of a romantic evening.
Illuminated Vents in Mercedes
This features illuminates the air vents according to temperature of the air coming out of them. This feature in some Mercedes models gives an extra feeling of temperature inside the vehicle.
Mercedes AirScarf
Mercedes' convertible SL and SLK models provide the Airscarf feature to help the driver and passengers keep their head area warm when they are driving with folded roof in a cold environment. It acts like an invisible scarf to protect the head from cold weather outside. However this system is now not available in Mercedes as it lost a patent case in the court on usage of this technology.


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