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Sunday, April 22, 2018

In house Swimming Pools with a sense of Luxury

Swimming Pool inside a house is itself enough to give a feel of luxury. But creating one requires a good planning and a good imagination. The location of the swimming pool is the first thing that comes in the mind. Some prefer it in the back yard, while some prefer is inside the house to privacy reasons. Some people even prefer it on terrace, which require some good architectural skills for implementation. Here we have collected some of the best in house swimming pools that will make you desire for one.

backyard swimming pool This swimming pool in the backyard truly give a fantastic luxurious look. It is quiet large enough for proper swimming and also requires more maintenance as it is located outdoor. It has its own pros and cons. The design of the house adds extra beauty to such pools.

indoor swimming pool This indoor swimming pool is one of the best if you want to keep your privacy and stay unaffected from outdoor weatrher. However it takes a lot of indoor space. Its design in simple , but still appealing. The glass panes on the doors gives a good outdoor view. You may use the glass panes with other shades or mosaic to make it as per your wish.

large in-house swimming pool This large indoor pool is meant for swimming only. Such indoor pool requires good lighting to make it look better. Some indoor plants around the pool with proper lighting on them adds an extra look to such pools.

desirable house with pool This outdoor pool in the backyard of the house is one of the most appealing. The walls of the nearby living room are made of glass to give an added look and a sense of luxury. A good architect is must while designing such pool and home.

indoor poolSuch type of pool really requires a large indoor space with proper planning. The curved glass wall gives a nice view of the sky from the pool, which adds an added beauty, especially at the night time when sky is full of stars.

backside pool This outdoor pool with a covered sitting area has its own advantages. As we mentioned earlier, the design of the house also matters while designing such pools.

indoor pool artistic roof The roof of this indoor pool is made with pictures of trees and birds. The lights on the roof gives an effect of night sky which adds the perfect beauty to the pool. Just open this image to get a perfect view of the pool.

indoor open pool
This perfectly designed pool is fantastic example of true imagination and then implementation of design by the architect. Some added decoration with some ornamental plants and lights adds beauty to this pool. It makes it one of the best parts of the house to organize a small party.

indoor pool with wooden finish
This type of swimming pool is good if made on upper floors of the house. It gives you privacy and yet feel of luxury. The wooden ceiling with some decorative lights gives it a perfect look.

outdoor garden pool This type of swimming pool is best if you have got a large garden area. A little waterfall on one end of the pool adds and extra beauty to it. Some light effect on this waterfall can add more beauty to it especially during the evening time.

Maintaining a swimming pool is the toughest job as it requires regular cleaning and changing of water. Apart from that a large house is the first thing that you should plan, if you desire to get a swimming pool in your house. A planning with an experienced architect can definitely give it a cutting edge look and fullfillment of your needs. Some people need swimming pool for swimming purpose, while some have it to give an elegant look to their house. So the design of your in house swimming pool depends on your needs. 
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